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Regent Street, London

New global flagship store for Aēsop on Regent Street, London – a sanctuary of grand seclusion.

Leaving the agitation of the street, visitors are engulfed in a symmetrical space of august proportions, designed to enrich one’s exploration of everything Aesop. In the principal chamber, an oversized, stately basin hints at the water fountains of Regency architecture, while the vaulted ceiling recalls the cupolas of classical design.

From the main space, two portals lead visitors to experiential spaces. First, the Sensorium, an intimate space where a Fragrance Armoire awaits where customers can imbue an item of clothing with their chosen Eau de Parfum. The other, is a portal to a 300sqm underground treatment suite of enveloping atmosphere, devoted to Aesop’s facial appointments – a fitting refuge from the rushing city above.

Materials such as bronze metalwork, portland stone, pitted plaster and reclaimed oak were all chosen for their patina and touch. The quiet decorum of the store is reinforced through the skill and precision achieved in the store design and construction process.

Project in collaboration with Aēsop
Photography: Oskar Proctor