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ArtFund Pavilion

The Lightbox, Woking, UK

Design competition for a flexible temporary art pavilion located on the grounds of the Lightbox gallery in Woking.

Our pavilion comprises of three triangular elements, each of which is defined and shaped by surrounding context and site orientation. The base reflects the narrowing nature of the site. A clerestory element on top faces directly north and provides neutral day-light to the gallery space. The connecting form, complete with portal window, offers views of the nearby canal.

Our pavilion is clad in two contrasting materials - corrugated bituminous fibreboard and gold anodised aluminium. The materials were not only chosen for their high-recyclable content but were introduced to emphasis distinctive triangular forms. The juxtaposition of matt vs gloss, gold vs black, rough vs smooth was a deliberate move to create a tactile and memorable structure.