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RIAI Dublin City University Main Entrance Competition

Dublin, Ireland

**3rd Prize**

Design competition for a new main entrance for Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland.

Our proposed metal screen identifies the main entrance as well as acting as way-finding device, helping to rational public spaces beyond the main gates of the University. The screen defines the edges of the university’s distinctive central boulevard, leading one towards the main reception building and into the heart of the campus. The playful rhythm in the placement of vertical elements, including the assorted solid panels not only becomes an intriguing visual statement but offers a sense of transparency evoking a visual dialogue that seeks to redefine the public realms.

Landscaping also plays an important role - bespoke seating and lighting, carefully considered surface finishes and thresholds were all designed to encourage social cohesion, engagement and ease of movement in and around the campus.

This elegant, timeless proposal offered an architectural typology which could easily be adopted as a master planning strategy across the entire university campus.