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Jerwood Open Forest

Ards Forest Park, Co.Donegal, Ireland

Permanent pavilion and contemplative space in Ards Forest Park, Co.Donegal.

The aim of the structure is to create a serene, contemplative space which invites the forest visitor to reflect on their relationship with nature.

The crescent shaped plan evokes the form of a lunula (Irish bronze-age necklace) and pays homage to the nearby, well-known ringfort of Grianán of Aileach and the church of St Aengus by renowned Irish architect, Liam McCormick.

The pavilion is constructed of untreated hot-rolled steel sheeting which will develop a patina over time. To ensure accuracy, each of the sixteen segments which make up the pavilion, is to be constructed off site allowing for the structure to be assembled and taken down in a short timeframe. The steel creates a static, monochromatic internal space, which emphasises and heightens the drama of the ever changing sky and the tree canopies above. As the sun tracks across the sky during the day, the casting shadow is always in a state of flux. The elemental theme of light and darkness, combined with the theme of journey and discovery, ensures the experience for each visitor is never the same.