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Jo Malone London

Regent Street, London

**RIBA Public Choice Winner**

Our award winning project celebrates the quintessential British garden, a constant source of inspiration for Jo Malone London.

The garden offers a serene environment and respite from the city, aiming to capture the unique, immersive experience offered at the Regent Street boutique.  Architecturally, its strength lies in its simplicity and spatiality. Taking one of the most fundamental of architectural devices, the arch; repeating and extending it around the interior perimeter of the boutique, creates an elegant arcade and provides the framework upon which the garden has grown and spread.

The centrepiece, a fully handmade tree, sits in the heart of the garden. The tree feeds off the range of ingredients used in the signature scents and in turn produce the fruits of the garden, which materialise as bottles of Jo Malone London fragrance. 

The garden culminates in an immersive Tasting Bar™ experience, intensified with a deep arch of foliage overhead, elevating the visitors’ sense of escape from the city.

Each of the 100,000 pieces of the garden has been creased, shaped and folded by hand. The handmade aspect of the paper garden reflects the craftsmanship and care that goes into the creation of each of the individual fragrances.

Project in collaboration with paper artist, Zack Mclaughlin

Photography: Ståle Eriksen & Rory Gullan